THE BROWN BOOK NATIONAL LOG BOOKS AND VOC CARDS, the perfect work history diary! The easiest way to prove your work history for employment opportunities!

Crane Orivers, Excavator Operators, Forklifts, Dogman, Assessors, Tradesman, Divers, Skippers, Deckhands, any machine every trade.

Safety, Productivity,Compliance, Verification, Currency, Employablity, Competency, Resume, Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas, Logistics                        

The Brown Book National Log Books help to create a safer working environment by summarising an employee's training, VOCs, work experience and competency in one place.              

  9000 coppies sold around Australia

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Cranes, Excavators, Dump Trucks, Forklifts, Riggers, Dogman, Scaffold, Skidsteer, Telehandlers, VOCs, White card, Blue card.


Experienced Crane, Excavator, Forklift Operators, Tradesman, Trainees and Apprentices. 

Use The Brown Book Log Book to record information such as High Risk Licences, qualifications, training history, crane operation / rigging practical experience and employment history. Prove you have the experience to get those good jobs!!

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Employers and Safety Managers

The Brown Book Log Book will help you meet your legal obligation to provide evidence of supervision and training and can be used for any plant or machinery.
 Not only does The Brown Book Log Book fulfill safety compliance audits and reduce legal risk.  It improves workplace efficiency, as it enables you to make and instant assessment of the suitability of a candidate for any specific job.

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Registered Training Organisations and assessors

Give your students the step ahead by using The Brown Book Log Book to record their training history and work experience. Keep you currency records up to date.

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A Better Way to Work Together - Students, Employees, Employers and RTOs

Share access to training, VOCs, competency and work history - so everyone is in the loop. 

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Features of The Brown Book Log Books 

The Brown Book National Log Book has been developed in direct consultation with key industry stakeholders including OH&S managers and consultants, training managers and training schools to ensure our log books are designed specifically to integrate and enhance existing Corporate OH&S policies and procedures. By using the Brown Book you will meet all critical safety criteria and industry requirements and reflect the considerable and fluid OH&S demands of every industry, including existing and new legislation and ongoing harmonisation of safety laws.  

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Employment History

  • Position
  • Site
  • Reference Contact
  • Duties and Work Tasks

Site Specific Inductions

  • Date
  • Employer
  • Site Location
  • Induction Card Number


Course History

  • Course
  • Training School
  • Certificate Number
  • Course Details

Operator Log Book

  • Machine Type
  • Make and Model
  • Work Task Performed
  • Company Details including Manager details
  • Date Started and Finished

The Evolution of The Brown Book National Log Book

The Plant and Machinery Log Book  came from a problem Michael Brown observed in 2008 while doing work for a contractor on the Darling Walk project in Sydney. To help with the project Michael needed crane and excavator operators. So he advertised in the newspaper and received a host of CV'S, some with great detail and some very basic. It was almost impossible to really know from the information provided, which if any of the applicants could operate the crane. It was also extremely difficult to verify the work experience the applicants claimed to have, with only a mobile phone number to call as a reference.

Instead of taking a leap of faith and employee any of the applicants, Michael decided it was safest to drive the crane himself during which time he created the first Brown Book. 

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        The Brown Book Log Books are perfect for



  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Emergency Services
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Forestry
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Maritime
  • Mining
  • Offshore
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transport











Skilled Personne l Career Log Books are ideal for:

  • All Plant & Machinery Operators
  • All Construction Worker Levels
  • Boilermakers Log Book
  • Bricklayers Log Book
  • Carpenters Log Book
  • Crane Operators Log Book
  • Deckhands Log Book
  • Derrickmen Log Book 
  • Diesel Mechanics Log Book
  • Dogmen Log Book
  • Drillers Log Book
  • Electricians Log Book
  • Elevated Work Platform Operators Log Book
  • Engineers Log Book
  • Fitters Log Book
  • Forklift Operators Log Book
  • Machinists Log Book
  • Mechanics Log Book
  • Miners Log Book
  • Plumbers Log Book
  • Riggers Log Book
  • Roughnecks Log Book
  • Roustabouts Log Book
  • Scaffolders Log Book
  • Shotfirers Log Book
  • Skippers Log Book
  • Technicians Log Book
  • Weld Log Book

Plant & Machinery Operator Log Books are ideal for:

  • Loadshifting Equipment Log Book
  • All Earthmoving Equipment Log Book
  • All Heavy Equipment Log Book
  • Army Tanks Log Book
  • Backhoes Log Book
  • Bulldozers Log Book
  • Chainsaws Log Book
  • Concrete Pumps Log Book
  • Cranes Log Book
  • Drilling Equipment Log Book
  • Dump Trucks Log Book
  • Earthmovers Log Book
  • Elevated Work Platforms Log Book
  • Excavators Log Book
  • Face Shovels Log Book
  • Forklifts Log Book
  • Front-end Loaders Book
  • Front-end Loader Backhoes Log Book
  • Graders Log Book
  • Materials Hoists Log Book
  • Mechanical Harvesters Log Book
  • Personnel Hoists Log Book
  • Piling Rigs Log Book
  • Rollers Log Book
  • Scrapers Log Book
  • Skid Steer Loaders Log Book
  • Tractors Log Book


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