Workplace safety is paramount: Employers and principal contractors are directly
 accountable for workplace safety. They have a moral obligation and statutory duty of care 
imposed by the OH&S Act, regulations and codes of practice to ensure the workplace 
health, safety and welfare of all employees and individuals, directly and indirectly 
involved with or affected by, activities conducted by their organisation.

Numerous routine safety procedures 
are common place. They include work method statements, site inductions, job safety 
analysis, toolbox meetings, safety walks and the nomination of safety officers.

Employers and principal contractors have a responsibility to ensure they comply fully
 with all mandatory legislative requirements relating to the induction (both site specific
and work/task specific of all their employees and sub contactors. Employers must be
 assured that any individual they employ is “competent”. The employee must meet the 
minimum training and assessment standard. The employer must make sure all plant and
 machinery is serviced and maintained and that appropriate risk assessments have been
 carried out and that site operations are properly supervised.

The National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work stipulates that 
to ensure performance beyond the minimum competencies required for licensing,
employers must provide the HRW licence holder with additional training, instruction and
 information on the equipment operation, hazards, risks and control measures relevant to
 working in a high risk environment.


It is essential that all employers and principal contractors are equipped with tangible 
evidence that verifies an operators competence. Safety is important whether it is in a high 
risk situation or one which is considered less risky.
 More and more employers, principal contractors, sub contractors, safety officers, trainers,
 RTO’s, , assessors, plant operators, training schools, safety consultants, Industry
 federations, associations, councils and unions are beginning to recognise the need for a
 comprehensive log book and are hailing The Brown  Book as the solution.

Employers, contractors, sub contractors and plant operator training schools are now
 actively encouraging their plant and machinery operators to maintain a log book such as 
The Brown Book Log Book.

Companies That Have Ordered The Brown Book

    • A.J excavations
    • A.J.K contracting
    • Abi Group
    • Abi Group Contractors Pty Ltd
    • AC Training
    • Advaned Foundations
    • Arogen Energy Pty Ltd
    • Aspect Property Group
    • Aspect Property Group Pty Ltd
    • Austral constructions
    • Avo Piling Pty Ltd
    • Bakers
    • Barcaldine Council
    • Barcaldine council
    • Bauer Foundations
    • Baulderstone Pty Ltd
    • Bayswater Concrete Pty Ltd
    • BHP Billiton Pty Ltd
    • Blackwoods
    • Blackwoods Pty Ltd
    • Botany Cranes Pty Ltd
    • Broadview Safety
    • Broadway safety
    • Byron council
    • C.B constructions
    • C.E Body builders
    • Cardwell Range Alliance Pty Ltd
    • CCF Queensland
    • CCF Victoria
    • Chinchilla tank centre
    • CICA
    • Civil Train Pty Ltd
    • Civil works
    • Civilworks Australia Pty Ltd
    • Cliffs mining
    • Coastwide Fabrications Pty Ltd
    • David Ormsby Haulage Pty Ltd
    • Down to earth
    • Emanon Piling
    • Energy Pro Pty
    • Fabtech Pty Ltd
    • Fitzgerald concrete
    • Fitzgerald Concrete Pty Ltd
    • Fremantle Ports
    • Fulton Hogan Pty
    • Gravity Cranes
    • Gravity Cranes Pty Ltd
    • High Risk Training Pty Ltd
    • Highway concrete
    • HJK Contracting Pty Ltd
    • Illawara Earth Moving
    • Interoil Pty Ltd,
    • JMB Bobcats
    • Joe Wagner Earthmoving Pty Ltd
    • John Holland Pty Ltd,
    • Kell &Rigby Pty Ltd, Marques Formwork Pty Ltd
    • Laing O’Rourke Pty Ltd
    • McConell Dowell Pty Ltd
    • McDermotts Pty Ltd
    • Merriton
    • Middletons
    • MQ LNG 
    • National Crane Hire Pty Ltd
    • National Cranes
    • NQ Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
    • Onsite training
    • Origin Allaince Pty Ltd
    • PCC Lawyers
    • Pegela Pastrol Ply
    • Perth Cranehire Pty Ltd
    • Perth train
    • Perth Training  Pty Ltd
    • Perth training centre
    • Price farm machinery
    • Queensland Department of Enviroment and Resource
    • RD Foundations
    • Recyclers Australia Pty Ltd
    • Rio Tinto Pty Ltd
    • Rossen Engineering Pty Ltd
    • S.B.A distributors
    • Sarens Cranes
    • Select civil
    • Shamrock Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
    • South Spur Rail Pty Ltd
    • Talbots training
    • Talbots training
    • Talbots Training Pty Ltd
    • Tangalooma Pty Ltd
    • Thomas Kingsley Pty Ltd
    • Tilac Pty Ltd
    • TKR Heavy Equipment Pty Ltd
    • Toowoomba Regional Council
    • Transworld oil and gas
    • Tunnel corp
    • Underwater centre
    • Universal Civil Constructions Pty Ltd
    • Vista Training
    • Waterways Construction Pty Ltd
    • Whale bins Pty
    • Wilde Civil Construction Pty Ltd,
    • Williams Town Cranes
    • Zaggas Electrical Pty Ltd
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