Log book
A written learning record (log book) must be completed by a trainee for high risk work activities.
The RTO will assist the employer to identify and develop suitable evidence collection and recording methods, ensuring that the correct format and completion of the log book is followed.
The log book must be used by the trainee and supervisor to record the informal training and operational experience obtained in the workplace irrespective of whether the training is going to be provided by workplace trainers or RTO trainers. Workplace experience in the operation of plant should be treated as informal learning for a trainee, the trainee must have already received formal training from a RTO in the use or operation of that plant.
A log book must identify:
formal training (conducted by a RTO), including dates
informal learning (workplace training) including:
the scope of work performed by the trainee
the date on which the work was performed
the type of plant used or operated for the performance of the work
the date the training was completed
the name and number of the licence or certificate held by the person supervising the training
the level of informal learning deemed necessary by the supervisor for the trainee and reasons for the decision.
The information recorded in the log book will be used by the RTO to play a part in determining the trainee's readiness for assessment, therefore entries must be legible, detailed enough to show the full experiences received and be able to be validated for authenticity by the RTO. A trainee undertaking training simultaneously on different plant must keep a separate log book for each type of activity being sought.
The log book is an important document the trainee must keep throughout their training. It contains a record of all competencies required for the particular national qualification and needs to be signed by the trainee, the trainee’s immediate supervisor and the assessor as each competency is achieved and kept updated at all times.
The log book divides the competencies into workplace tasks. It is essential that the immediate supervisor signs off that the trainee can do the tasks outlined in the logbook and monitors the trainee's progress on the range of tasks undertaken.

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