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Is designed for high risk industries. Upload all qualifications. Record any training & work experience.

  • Mining,

  • Construction,

  • Maritime.

  • Oil & Gas,

  • Forestry,

  • Commercial Divers log,

  • Skippers log,

  • Deckhands,

  • Crane Operators,

  • Excavator Operators

  • Bobcat Operators

  • Assessors

  • Safety Officers

  • Dogman

  • Riggers

  • Scaffolders

  • Welders

and any skilled employee wanting to record their work history and proof of competence and employment experience.

With employers increasingly demanding verification of competence and experience to create safe and productive workplaces, it is incumbent upon employees to have an easy to access record of their work history.

It also helps skilled personnel to chase those good jobs, confident they can produce a signed off record of every job they have worked on.

The High Risk Work App is easy to use, it automatically generates PDF files that can be stored, e-mailed or printed on demand.

Simply fill in the boxes, the name and details of the company you are currently working for and store for future reference. You can also collect digital signatures directly within the App itself.

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