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Designed to help Plant & Machinery Operators, Tradesmen, Riggers, Divers, Skippers keep track off their hours, days or years of experience & Qualifications, to improve work history records in Construction, Mining, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas Industries.  

Start recording signed off work experience as this information is the most valuable asset to gain Employment & improve Safety in every Industry. 


The Industry Qualified App allows any Trade or Machine Operator to
keep records quickly and easily signed off by Management.

  • Type in position held

  • Work tasks carried out

  • Equipment used

  • The site Location

  • Dates of employment

  • Induction details

  • Signature Pad

  • ​​Photo upload

  • Company Logo upload

  • Complete without internet

  • Creates PDF

  • Upload Cards & Licenses

  • Save, Email, Text or Print  

  • Equipment used

Employer details signed off
by a company representative

Also upload a photo of the Machine, project or a mug shot.

Operators details and a signature.
Use this file to text, email or save as proof of employment and work experience. It’s the perfect Résumé!

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